Ofir Ashery

We live in a world of shapes, BUT WE ARE SHAPELLES EXPERIENCE.

We are shapeless experiences manifesting themselves in a world of shapes. We are Souls, Spirits, Light, Nature, Selfs, Gods, Ātmans, AnĀtman, Infinite, Points… All predestined to perceive, to communicate and even to exist in Shapes.

Shapeless and Shape are interdependent, they are ONE. We cannot act, ask or understand without Shapes, and without a Shapeless drive. We break Shapes, reshape them, and create them; all while experiencing the Shapeless experience. We are constantly balancing between the Shapeless-self and the Shapes with which it perceives. We might become aware of it – of this ever-present state of balancing – in different performances such as: in trying to say something that we cannot (like in poetry, or in these words for example), in looking at a tree, in dancing, in questioning, in loving, in the simple act of living.

This State of Balancing is also present in bigger scales. Shapes of art, Shapes of research, Shapes of culture, Shapes of ceremonies – they all oscillate around it. They acknowledge both the poetic act and its aesthetic outcome. They usually respect the balance, even when being thrown into a long swing out of it.

But sometimes the balance is forgotten.

This is, as I see it, the biggest problem in Shapes of Politics and Shapes of Society today. It actually looks as if these Shapes have been trying to kill the Shapeless experience. By doing that, Politics and Modern Society have got deeply stuck in the realm of shapes and are now in the midst of losing themselves in it. Modern human society has based itself upon shapes, it consumes shapes and produces shapes. Words upon structures upon shapes have broken the balance and are trying to delete shapelessness.

We live in an over-layered and disfigured society in which the best lies, or the best “Alternative facts”, are the Best Truths.

It is a bit similar to creating a painting by using an excessive amount of colors and brushstrokes and then finding out that the canvas has become a grey mess. But while an act like that is probably trying to show Shapelessness through Shapes – Modern society is trying to hide Shapelessness under Shapes. And while a painting like that uses Shapes that are made from light and matter, political shapes are mostly using Shapes that are made out of Fear and Hate.

This decadence of shapes and decay of spirit is painfully clear to see in my home country, Israel. Almost everything here has had an extremely destructive move out of balance and into the realm of Shapes. Fear from the shapes of anti-Semitism has kept Shapes of Jewish people in long lasting shapes of victims. Long-lasting Shapes of victims have driven the Shape of Israeli government into Shapes of Oppressors. Fear into Hate into Racism. Shapes of Fascism. Shapes of Army. Shapes of Guerilla. Shapes of Terror. Shapes of religious extremism, both in the Shape of Judaism and the Shape of Islam, are using “Shapeless” excuses for justifying shapes of war.

The fall out of balance and the inevitable collision of Shapes in the middle east is not exceptional, it is a small example of something that has been happening in almost all the shapes of politics and society around our world. Shapelessness has been forgotten and denied for way too long. There is no balance. There has been a massive senseless production, consumption and exhaustion of Shapes. Shapes of fear, Shapes of hate, Shapes that separate people from people, and separate people from themselves, Shapes that draw borders, Shapes that drown shapes and hide the sun.


                                                                        A change is happening.

The new Shapeless experience that is manifesting itself in the Shape of Covid-19 has a strong potential of starting a move back into Balance. It actually has started it already. Shapes are exploding in the hands of oppressors and under their feet. “Democratic leaders”, such as Donald Duck and B.B Mouse, cannot hide anymore under their layers and castles of Shapes and are revealed as Shapes of NAKED KINGS. Shapes of Racism and Hatred are being exposed. Shapes of capitalistic economy stop working. Shapes are pulling themselves down, back into balance.

And when mis-functioning Shapes are breaking, Shapelessness is awakening. It is also moving towards Balance, and it is doing it in the only way it can, by manifesting itself in new Shapes. Becoming voice in protests around the world. Becoming words of new ideas. New Shapes of order. Shapelessness brought into Shapes of revolution. Shapes of equality. Shapes of creativity. Shapes of Love. Shapes without borders. Shapes that don’t reject the Shapeless experience but understand that they are one with it. Shapes that appreciate the Shapeless experience, that balance with it, express it and celebrate it.

                                                                              These days have hope in them!!

Ofir Ashery (1993) is an israeli poet and writer based in Tel Aviv.