SUMMARY | issue.005 - Week 03

05.1 OPEN LETTER ; Bring it on ︎

By Igi Lola Ayedun

05.2  SOCIETY;  Covid-19 Status︎

By Jéssica Amorim

05.3 SOCIETY;  What if a whole nation disappears? What has been happening in Yemen: in addition to a viral pandemic, the globalization, since its first experiments, has contributed to concrete and symbolic disappearances of identities. ︎

By Jéssica Amorim

05.4 IMAGE; Flower︎

By Beatriz Maues, Fernanda Liberti y Mika Safro

05.5 TOURISM;  From Hell do Céu︎

By Gabriela Campos

05.6 Q&A;  A point out of the curve of  Rodrigo Nick︎

By Gabriela Campos

05.7 Q&A;  Daniel Nicolaevsky: art to baptize yourself ︎

By Ana Carolina Rodarte

05.8 IMAGE; Bring it on︎

By Hick Duarte, Jessica Kelly, Ian Ribeiro y Guilherme de Oliveira.

05.9 BEHAVIOR; Shock Pop︎

By André Alves.

05.10 CONVERSATION; Vicenta Perrota y Rafa Kennedy︎

Editor Igi Lola Ayedun Interview Ana Carolina Rodarte.

05.11 Q&A; To resist at all times︎

Gabriela Campos