Q&A/ Rodrigo Nick

Gabriela Campos

A point out of the curve 

Knowing Rodrigo's work certainly challenges [and a lot] the perceptions of what we know today as a trap and the hip hop movement itself. My understanding of the lyrics and visual provocations of Nick's art is that he stands as a faithful translation of the black population and their masculinities. Acid, agile, intimidating but full of affections, languages and possibilities beyond the structural constructions. And taking advantage of the opportunity to bring new narratives within the scene that I love and identify with the most, I invited Rodrigo to tell us a little more about his run.

Three first words and two primer numbers:

Rodrigo Nick, 28 years,  Jundiaí, - SP,  Brasil.

And where do you live? City, State and Country.

Curitiba PR, Brasil

What are your artistics strands?

Hip-Hop, Pop, Trap e Rap.

What is your artistic motivation?

To have the chance to reframe my experiences, many of them are the result of a slave and oppressive system that unfortunately still perpetuates in our society. Currently, I have the opportunity to transform and share, through music, a positive and inspiring message of even my most painful memories. (and the power to do that is a real gift), being a spokesperson for my family, friends and relatives is my biggest motivation.

What is your main research?

Egyptian History, specifically the time when Pharaoh Akhenaton took the throne of New Egypt. If we compare those times with where we currently are, we can see how much connection we have lost with our ancestry and our power of the Divine Self, which if accessed with wisdom, can guide us to accomplish anything. Family is Everything Love and healing.

Do you have any sort of references? Which?

Robert Johnson, Sabotage and Bob Marley.

Where can we find your work online?