Q&A/ Ateliê Vou Assim

Gabriela Campos

To resist at all times

"And there is only one commandment: to resist at all times." It is with this prayer that Pimentel proposes plural narratives from a video performance that brought together the perspective of different artists under the umbrella of Atelier Vou Assim. In an impactful debut, “SerTRANSneja” has as its backdrop the Bahian countryside, the sustainability and authorship of dissident artists and their bodies as fashion creators. In a brief (and delicious!) Interview, Pimentel tells more details of the creative process surrounding his first participation at Casa de Criadores. Sit back, and get comfortable!

Your name and neighborhood, please - jk, we’re happy with just your name!


Where are you coming from?

Caldas do Jorro, in Tucano, Bahia.

How is to be a part of Casa de Criadores in 2020?

A new cycle begins with the Atelier Vou Assim! Being at the Casa de Criadores in 2020, as a visual artist and fashion designer, is something that motivates me and drives my creative processes, opening my perspectives that it is possible for a non-binary trans person from Bahia countryside to produce fashion independently and sustainably .
It is important to note that I have been present while modeling in the last 4 editions, walking for Vicenta Perrotta at the Transmoras studio. Being in the condition of creator and artistic director of the collection and fashion film “SerTRANSneja” at the 47th Edition of “Casa” gave us visibility in the alternative scenario and put the Bahian countryside on the fashion agenda.

And why have an authentic fashion brand in 2020?

Fashion has been transmuting each day mainly with the survey of all social issues; from racism to transphobia to environmental issues present on reframing reusable materials. I say this because fashion "is not just about clothes, but also about behavior". As we are a creative studio composed of black trans people from the suburbs of São Paulo and trans people from the North and Northeast of Brasil - even from the countrysides, as is myself - it is super important and urgent to talk about our experiences in the fashion space and spectrum.

Something you deeply miss from the pre-pandemic world:

Be present with another bodies

And what do you see in the future of fashion, after these apocalyptic times? Will there be fashion weeks still?

Many more creative processes will reverberate, and mainly because we are immersed in our realities and effectively learning to live with difference. Fashion and art will always be present in their different ways of communicating with the world. And it will happen because we are willing to reframe the place we live in.  ︎