Gabriela Campos ︎

Image: Reproduction.  

From Hell do Céu

The right to come and go in pandemic times without much room for fun.

I’ve commented here before about feeling like the flexibility from the quarantine (that never really existed) seemed to be a Pokémon battle: at each walk out to the street and after feeling that nothing happens, the challenged coach goes a little further, always circumventing the limits and disrespecting the WHO safety guidelines.

And the one who entered the enemies’ room of the WHO, loud and proud, was Brasil: if these parties in BR turned into a burial, the one from democracy would have been the first one: it is because MAGICALLY, during the municipal electoral campaigns, mainly in SP, it seemed that COVID-19 took their stool and left quietly; all thanks to the administration of COVAs [rs] which took less than 24 hours after the election was called-in, to the government to get back into the yellow phase. Not to mention the 100,000 notifications that were no longer confirmed or discarded by the city hall during the race for the leadership of the largest city in Latin America. And the south? Florianópolis, which, at the beginning of the pandemic, was bragging about having managed to control the cases effectively, now seems to be a bit lost as the annual bet of the city & coast of Santa Catarina is the summer season. At the moment, all we have is a poor traffic restriction and the opening of beach clubs. And why talk about the second wave, if around here we never even saw... [honorable mention to the USA]

But it is not every place that makes wearing a mask an excuse to cover up the pandemic rate numbers and opens the borders like that for everyone, no! Italy, just under a month ago, decided that they were going to close everything [once again learning from those who are no longer willing to pay the price]. And in this wave of countries like France and China [which have not allowed international travel], there’s Uruguay, which has asked for tests to release its borders and New Zealand, which barely had a first wave and is only on for those vaccinated [open only and exclusively for William Shakespeare]

But it is Christmas. And New Year. Everyone would love to reunite with their families, go down the coast and ask Yemanja to pleeeease take Covid away from us. But again, during this second wave, there is yet another noise at the base of globalized life: there are boundaries and they are there to be respected and there is no Santa Claus to save, there is no Christian catechization that survives a plague that was not written in EXODUS. There is also not much to do when the gate is open: a free cattle, without a shepherd, runs free. After so much time restrained, who doesn't want to run free, right? But the noise remains at the base and the question most asked during this pandemic, finds its way back: how much are we willing to give up our individualities for a collective good?