COVID STATUS | How’s the pandemic doing?

India is the new epicenter of the diseases, but Brasil still sits under a high risk, with more than 411 thousand deaths.

Update: 19/05/2021

Quick round? As we mentioned last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the variant discovered in India is highly contagious. The Ganges River, considered the most sacred by the Indians, is now an improvised cemetery: hundreds of bodies have been found floating in the river, or buried on its banks. And the concern with this strain is big because in the last few weeks it has also been detected in 44 other countries. According to experts, this variant has a pattern of emergence: places that believe they are already well, immunized and begin to relax in the contagious safety measures.

In the United States, vaccine tourism is ongoing; there are businessmen spending up to R$450,000 ($84,000) to vaccinate the whole family on this hot getaway. There, they are already talking about returning to “normal” by July 4th. Hmmnm...? Talking about returns, France and Austria are also reopening bars and cinemas. With all these news, I’m  out here in a mixture of dreams and grief... What about you? But still to help with the burning flame of hope: weekly deaths by Covid-19 in Spain have fallen by 90% since the vaccination began.

Another important thing is that there is a group of renowned scientists demanding an “authentic investigation” on the origin of the pandemic. They even criticize the WHO report, released in March this year. There it said that it was "extremely unlikely" that a laboratory accident had occurred. According to scientists, this hypothesis should not be overruled yet, until there is sufficient evidence to do so.

Over here? Well, who is following the Covid-19 PCI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry)? The dramaaa! Up until now, we had: the Government rejecting 11 vaccine offers; Planalto considered changing the labeling of chloroquine in order to claim it being useful to combat Covid-19; the former government communication secretary Fábio Wajngarten telling how he was part of an independent committee to purchase vaccines from Pfizer, without the involvement of the Ministry of Health. And yesterday (19/05), there was one of the most awaited testimonies: former Minister of Health Eduardo Pazuello, who before going to CPI managed to have the Supreme Federal Court (STF) guarantee him the right to stay in silence, so as not to incriminate himself. He lied about the oxygen crisis in Manaus and about the cancellation of a protocol signalizing the intention of purchase of Coronavac vaccines back in October 2020. After allegations that the former minister was feeling ill, the session was suspended and will resume this Thursday (20/05) ).

Shall we? It’s not the time for negationism.


+ 165

million of people infected

+ 144

million of cases recovered

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Source:  World do meters.

+ 15

million of people infected

+ 439

thousand deaths

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Source: CONASS, Conselho Nacional de  Secretários da Saúde.

+ 1

bilion of people in the world

+ 54

million of people in Brazil

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Source: Our world in data.


During a pandemic, the virus is expected to mutate as it is transmitted. And even though we are following the progress of the immunization, we need to remember: the expansion of the pandemic remains uncontrolled, which, unfortunately, facilitates the emergence of new variants. It’s because of them that a third wave is happening in the midst of many vaccination programs. And yes, due to these variants, it will take a long time to reach a state of complete immunity.

And how’s the purchase of vaccines around the world? This varies from country to country, because each has set specific goals for the end of immunization. But other than that, vaccine testing in children has also started. Pharmacists like Pfizer, Janssen and Moderna are looking for candidates from six months onwards for the trials. Although the disease affects children less than other age groups, they can act as a reservoir for the virus. And China started to consider mixing different vaccines. Meanwhile, in Russia, they managed to approve the single-dose version of the Sputnik vaccine.

According to microbiologist John McConnell, at the current rate, vaccines will arrive worldwide by the end of 2023.


A good news: the moving average of deaths is almost 20% lower now than at the end of May. However, the number of contagions remains high. What does that mean? That we can experience a new wave. And unfortunately, the fact that Butantan and Fiocruz interrupted the production of vaccines, due to the lack of important inputs from China, can worsen this scenario.

Pfizer doses finally arrived, but the vaccination plan remains extremely slow and we still have many obstacles to accelerate this process. One of them is the abstention that is taking place for the second dose: yes, people are not taking the last dose of the vaccine, which is very harmful to the immunization process as a whole. And a new issue that has arisen is that many people took the second dose of a different immunizer, which also does not guarantee a complete immunization.

We are waiting for the vaccine and the impeachment ...


First of all, let’s avoid the spread of fake news at all costs, authorities are enough to enhance negativism. Do we all agree? Thanks!

Now, in case you still don't know: a research saying that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 by surfaces is very low was released. With that said, it’s good to be more aware of the ventilation of the spaces we’re in. Especially now that, at least here in Brasil, several cities are returning to open bars and restaurants, while parks are still closed. Confusing, right!? So please, get informed!

Few more important links: a study that proves the importance of using the PFF2 or N95 mask; self-care after the vaccination; why treating Covid-19 with drugs is not so effective; infocard for assessing the risk of social events; and crucial measures against the coronavirus. In addition, there was a new study that proves the relationship between dengue and covid-19! Let’s commit to stay on top of these infos and spread this around?

And remember, for those who are vaccinated, even with the second dose, there are still measures to keep an eye on!


Yes, we can't wait to get out of this. Everyone is exhausted from all this, but patience is still very necessary. So, as usual, if you can, stay at home. And when you leave, wear a mask. And let’s fight anti-vaccine speeches, for the love of.

Report and research: Jéssica Amorim