COVID STATUS | How’s the pandemic doing?

The end of the year is around the corner, but not the pandemic. What has been going on in the world after the vaccines?

Latest update: 17/12/2020

The holidays are coming. Who is not feeling both anxious and excited about it? After all, this is usually a time of breaths, meetings, gatherings, but in a pandemic climate, these dates generate another kind of pressure. There is a strong concern about a brutal spread of COVID-19 due to the Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings. For example, in Germany, Christmas was officially canceled in a desperate attempt to contain infection rates.

Yup! Last week habemus vaccine officially, with the application of the immunizer in the UK, but scientists continue to warn that even after widespread access to the vaccine, we have no real estimation of when things will return to “normal”. So, even if you are immune, you will need to continue wearing a mask, and following the measures to prevent contagion and transmission.

After all, coronavirus one-year “birthday” goes down now on 12/31/2020, and the number of infected people in the world already exceeds 74 million, with more than 1 million deaths. We want to remain hopeful, but we also need to remain alert.


+ 74

million of people infected

+ 52

million of cases recovered

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Source:  World do meters.

+ 7

million of people infected

+ 183

thousand deaths

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Source: CONASS, Conselho Nacional de  Secretários da Saúde.


Last week, we had the first person in the world to take a shot of the vaccine against the coronavirus, and the one who officially started this run was the United Kingdom with the immunizer from Pfizer and BioNTech. According to a first analysis by the Food and Drug Administration, this vaccine works very well, offering strong protection from the first dose, regardless of the volunteer's race, weight or age. However, in just a few days after the mass vaccination started taking place, it has been known that some people have had an allergic reaction to the Pfizer immunizer.

And only the UK is vaccinating? No, no. The United States, Canada, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia are also immunizing their populations or part of them. There are even lobbyists trying to convince them that they are considered “essential” to have earlier access to the vaccine. Is it or is it not a true race, everybody?

But still talking about Pfizer, Chile was the first country in Latin America to approve the vaccine for emergency use!


What about the announcement that we will have vaccination against Covid-19 on January 25th? How is this possible little gift from Doria doing, for the anniversary of the state of São Paulo?

Well, here things are confusing, in that old fashioned way that we will never get used to. Yesterday, as the government finally released a national vaccination plan, Minister of Health Eduardo Pazuello, questioned: “What is this anxiety, this anguish, everyone?” and the president of the country was also keen to endorse with “I'm not going to get a vaccine, period. Is my life at risk? The problem is mine". It is so ignorant, that it leaves us like what? Because we're desperate, and we’ve been! For a long time!

The alleged vaccine that we will have access to here will be Coronavac, but so far ANVISA has not approved the registration. Are our fingers still crossed?! Because in addition, there are other super important things for this immunization to happen: it seems that Brazil does not have enough tools and material for the application of the vaccines... [status: holding internal screams.]


Countries are being vaccinated, we are all desperately knocking on the door for this, is the pandemic coming to an end? Well, a very important piece of information from the last few days is that there are indications that a quarter of the world will not have access to the vaccine before 2022. Exactly. We get excited, have hope. But the conversation is serious. Apart from that, while the vaccine is being applied in some places, the virus also gains other faces. Yes, another mutation has been announced. Breeeath, according to scientists these mutations are part of an organic process of all viruses! And therefore, it does not necessarily contribute to the spread or even worsening of symptoms in those infected. We keep an eye! After all, the vaccine race is linked to many other researches.


The coronavirus pandemic continues to promote many novelties and emotions. Apparently, COVID-19 has also revealed a high likelihood that new pandemic threats will be closer and closer. And we just wanted to celebrate the end of the year, and as a courtesy, the end of the pandemic, why not? But we need to keep patients. If you can, stay home. And when you leave, wear a mask. And if it really isn’t possible, let’s try to reduce the risks of transmission.

Report and research: Jéssica Amorim