Paulete Lindacelva


I feel responsible, or at least I put myself in this position, of being a provocation producer. To be honest, I want this for myself, be portraited as the interlocutor.

I’ve been having a hard time to organize my thoughts. Currently, there’s a productivity demand that sucks in any and every willingness to want to do something. Whether in an artistic field or in human relations. Whenever I can,  I’ve been expressing how the image is a drug, how it tires, how the demand of showing that you are productive tire. I like to embrace the processes and bring them to the center of the matter. The product is a consequence of the process.

I cling myself to the process by understanding that it is a catalyst of reactions. It's the process that moves my doubts, that makes me realize mistakes and even makes me date back to

the idea of success.

Many of us experience a moment of online growth, a jump, and the success of the ephemeral image is sold even as democratic, the image of being content producers. Ephemeral and fast-absorbing content. It's 16 seconds for a speech and 24 hours for the immediate consumption of something that usually requires complexity in the analysis, feeling and subject. Content that asks for more delicacy and deepening when linked to political and identity issues.

It is understandable that discussions and agendas return to debates, issues such as colorism, the difference between trans and transvestite, place of speech, pink money... It is known that the return of these issues is because we live in a political conjuncture of violence against racialities and sexodissidents.

I believe in the power of these agendas and I put them as pertinent,

but it is necessary to be more sagacious, or as the transvestis say: BE A QUICK MF.

The permanent attempt is agreed, I’d say even fetishist, of the whiteness by making us answer questions and more questions created by them. This leaves us stuck in agendas that already have a vast and very valuable material produced.
I have the feeling this is a moment to be carefull. I feel that it is necessary to move away from the white laziness that asks us repeated questions, waiting for answers already given and that has prevented us from advancing in the construction of new epistemologies. Having responsibility for our speeches is indispensable for us to move forward in the discussions.

Paulete LindaCelva (1994) is an independent curator, DJ, visual artist and  presenter from Recife, based in Sao Paulo. Her production permeates race,  gender disobedience and affirmative politics subjects. Currently, she desenvolves “MOTE” a podcast project in partnership with Cereal Melodia.